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How to Update or Cancel Your Puzzle of the Month Club

1. To update information, card payments or cancel your Puzzle of the Month Club, you must first access the 'Account' section located

on the upper right corner of PuzzleWarehouse.com.

2. Once logged in, you’ll want to select ‘Clubs’ towards the bottom of your account page.

3. Next,  you'll need to click on either 'Update Card', 'Cancel Club' or 'Update Address'.

If clicking on 'Update Card' or 'Update Address' go to step 4A. If clicking on 'Cancel Club' go to Step4B.


4A. When clicking on 'Update Card' or 'Update Address' you will be prompt to enter the information that is needed. After entering the needed

updated information, click ‘Update Club’. After completing this, you have successfully updated your Puzzle of the Month Clubs information.


4B. When clicking on ‘Cancel Club’ you will be canceling your Puzzle of the Month Club from that point


Still, having trouble updating or canceling your Puzzle of the Month Club? 
Send us an email at support@puzzlewarehouse.com or by giving us a call at 866-539-4278 (8 AM – 6 PM CT Monday through Friday).

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