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A Plethora of New Puzzles

Happy New Year, Puzzle Fam!  Yes, I know that we’re about 4 weeks in, but in case you didn’t notice, it’s my first blog post of 2022! To celebrate that fact, I thought that I would spend this article writing about some of the puzzle brands that are new to Puzzle Warehouse.  I’m really excited about this, because they added some really amazing brands last year. Luckily, I’ve tried most of them, so I actually have an educated opinion. I’m not going to say that I deserve a PhD in Dissectology, but Harvard has yet to return my e-mails and I’m starting to think that they’re not taking me seriously.  Rude.  However, as I’ve said before, I promise that my own personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good blog posts. 

The first company that I am introducing is the Indigenous Collection by CAP. Based in Richmond, BC, this family-run company works with Indigenous artists throughout North America. They produce stationary, home goods, and most importantly, puzzles. Their puzzles range from mini 72 piece “On the Go” puzzles to 1000 piece puzzles. The majority of the puzzles are rectangular, but they also have a large collection of 500 piece round puzzles. I don’t know about you, but I do love a round or square puzzle. The pieces are a standard ribbon cut and the finish is low gloss. CAP features a large array of artists, and there is a style for everyone. I’ve done 2 of these puzzles so far; Family and Being Around Grandma. Both puzzles were fantastic to put together and the finished product was gorgeous.  

Family | Indigenous Collection | 1000 Pieces 

Being Around Grandma | Indigenous Collection | 1000 Pieces

Lucky Puzzles is based out of four different time zones!  This four family(!) owned company works together to feature the art from such artists as Dean Russo, Karen Hallion and Lewis T. Johnson.  Their puzzles are all 1000 piece, random piece shape, and low glare.  Because I am a movie/TV geek as well as an*ahem* puzzle aficionado, I absolutely had to do The She Series: Pop Culture Edition. I love puzzles like this because it’s like I’m doing a bunch of mini puzzles. I’m also a huge fan of random shape piece puzzles, so this was right up my alley.  I also happen to have about four other Lucky puzzles in my stash, so I think that it’s safe to say that I highly endorse this company. 

She Series: Pop Culture Edition | Lucky Puzzles | 1000 Pieces

Puzzle Sensei started as a Kickstarter. Thank goodness for rabid puzzle fans because they were backed in no time.  Puzzle Sensei puzzles are food-themed and the company hopes “to inspire curiosity and celebrate cultural diversity by sharing our passion for food through art and trivia”.  Their images are all original art depicting Asian dishes. Each puzzle comes with a recipe and fun facts about the dish featured! I’ve completed their Lucky Ramen puzzle and the included Ajitsuke Tamago recipe is no joke.  My little goblins proudly proclaimed them 8 thumbs up while slurping their noodles. With a linen finish, low glare, and ribbon cut, these puzzles are a joy to put together. Here are the two other puzzles from the line.

Dimsum Factory | Puzzle Sensei | 1000 Pieces

Shabu Frenzy | Puzzle Sensei | 1000 Pieces

Soonness is a relative newcomer to the puzzle scene, but you couldn’t tell by the quality of her puzzles!  These modest jigsaws could absolutely hold their own next to the OG puzzle players.  Each puzzle is illustrated by the founder and owner, Soon Cho, who also happens to be a wonderful person. Soon’s alter ego, Nina, is your trusty guide throughout each of these magical worlds. Soonness puzzles are ribbon cut, with a luxurious soft matte finish. Oh, and the fit is to die for. I’ve had the pleasure of assembling half of her puzzle catalog and Sooness is definitely one of my favorite new companies.

Marine Life | Soonness | 1000 Pieces

There are some more brands new to Puzzle Warehouse as well, but I haven’t had the chance to try them yet. Luckily for you, some of our intrepid ambassadors have already written blog posts about them!  Definitely give them a read, because what’s better than trying out new puzzles?!

Read about Colorcraft puzzles here

Read about HQ Kites puzzles here

Read about Playful Pastimes puzzles here

Until next time puzzle fans, and as always, happy puzzling!

Gaby @puzzlepastime

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Amanda K. - Cincinnati, OH

Gaby- you're blog posts are just so fun to read! I love all of these brands, and I agree with you- they're just fantastic! I hope Harvard gets back to you soon...

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Diane B. - Jonesboro, AR

There are some brands here I definitely need to try!

5 Stars
Angel - ID

Great suggestions! With all the puzzling I do, I haven't tried any of these yet, definitely adding a couple to my list.

5 Stars
Entertainment News - india

"Wow, so many new puzzles to choose from! 😍🧩 This is like a puzzler's dream come true. I can't wait to dive into this treasure trove of brain-teasers and spend hours solving them. Let the puzzle marathon begin! 💡🔍 #PuzzleAddict #NewPuzzlesGalore"

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