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Happy Thanksgiving!

To me, Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday because I love to cook and it’s a low-fuss celebration. There’s no need to write cards, buy presents, etc., but I still get to be surrounded by friends and family. Add to it that not only do I enjoy eating Thanksgiving leftovers (which is good because I always cook enough to feed an army), I also get to USE the time left over from not having to do all the preparations associated with other holidays to puzzle and that is bliss!...CONTINUE READING

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Happy Birthday!

October is my birthday month, so to celebrate I thought I’d bring the party to my puzzle board and share it with you! I’m one of those people who loves “my” special day. Well, mine and the approximately 15 million other people who share it (and any birthday)! If you, like me, would rather the cardboard someone spent money on be in the form of a puzzle instead of a card (the average person receives 7 birthday cards and that money would add up to a nice puzzle), read on for some “asks” that you can put on your wish list...CONTINUE READING

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Perks & Puzzles

September 29th is National Coffee Day with International Coffee Day following close on its heels on October 1st. If you, like me (and 150 million other Americans), love your coffee, then you’ll perk up when you hear that my blog article this month is on coffee-themed puzzles!... CONTINUE READING

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Confession time – I am a festival, fairs and fun park freak! Growing up in CT, I volunteered annually for our school carnival. I also eagerly awaited the Danbury Fair every year when we would get the day off from school to attend. At Florida State University to earn my degree in Leisure Services (a fancy name for recreation) I had to do two work studies. My favorite, hands down, was with the Special Events Department where I helped the City of Tallahassee with their festivals. Today, the fun continues with me literally living in Disneyworld’s back yard – I can view the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks from my home nightly – and I often host team building events there. I guess it was only a matter of time that festivals, fairs and fun parks would surface in my blog!... CONTINUE READING

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July 3-August 11 marks “The Dog Days of Summer” – a time that we Floridians find especially “ruff!” Where better to be than indoors working on a dog puzzle in air conditioning to keep from going barking mad! Here’s a fun fact - did you know the term came about because the sun is in the same region as Sirius, the dog star, during these dates? The star is so bright, ancient Romans believed it intensified the sun’s warmth! Now that’s cleared up, here are the puzzles that were throwing off heat on my board this month (and there were a doggone lot of them)…CONTINUE READING

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In honor of May being National Bike Month, with May 7th being National Bike Day, I thought I’d put the pedal to the metal and feature bicycle-themed puzzles in my blog. As a little girl my bicycle was my trusty steed and I would gallop all over town on “her” from sun-up until the streetlights came on. Ah…that long ago time when mom had no idea where I was all day long…  CONTINUE READING

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They say it’s beautiful in Paris in the springtime…but I’ll have to take their word for it! I’ve visited twice in the summer and my last visit was a chilly week in February when I got to put on a team building event around the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame for a client.  Ooh la, la!. CONTINUE READING

I distinctly remember the moment when my business partner and best friend and I were browsing in a toy store and saw Ravensburger’s Escape puzzles. We instantly knew we HAD to try these. To provide the backstory for why we were so enamored, one of the things our company, Wildly Different, does is create tabletop escape room experiences. These differ from a traditional escape room in that while players may have to look at a few props set up around the room, most of the items needed to solve clues are on their team tables. CONTINUE READING

When I was a little kid I loved Valentine’s Day – the decorations (lavender and pink are my favorite colors), the cards, the school party (although I was usually SO excited about it that I’d work myself up into a sick tizzy and miss it)…and most of all, the sweets! Fast forward to present day and while I’m a bit jaded about the holiday, I must admit I STILL love the sweets! And I enjoyed puzzling all their ooey-gooey puzzling goodness too! CONTINUE READING

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