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Mikado - Pick up Sticks

A pick-up sticks game that was brought from Hungary to the USA in 1936 and was mostly called pick-up sticks. A test of focus and dexterity for 2 to 4 players. Gather the sticks with highest value to win the game. This is a nice version in hardwood box with sliding cover.

Includes: 40 sticks
Rules of Play:

  • Take all the sticks into your hand such that your fist lies on the table (palm down). Now open the hand suddenly. The sticks should fall in a somewhat circular pattern. (If they land scattered widely, throw again).
  • The object is to retrieve the sticks one at a time without causing any other sticks to move. You gain points according to the value of the sticks that you successfully remove. You can only use your fingers, unless you have already taken the single Mikado stick in which case it can be used as a helper, possibly to throw up another stick. Note that you cannot pickup the Mikado stick UNTIL you have at least 1 of each of the other types of sticks.
  • If you cause a stick to move, your turn ends and the last stick attempted is not counted. The next player re-bundles and drops the sticks again. After several rounds, normally five, the one with the highest score is the winner.
  • Rule variations to be established before commencing the game:
    • The stack could be taken over from the previous player instead of re-dropped
    • Taking sticks in the exact sequence of Kuli, Samurai, Bonzen & Mandarin doubles the points of a turn

Mikado - Pick up Sticks

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About Creative Crafthouse Mikado - Pick up Sticks

Mfg. Part Number Mikado
Brainteaser Type Wooden
Game Type Classic Games, Dexterity, Family Games
Maximum Players 4
Minimum Players 2
Recommended Age 8 and up
Item Number 47073
Availability Online Only

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Quality
Excellent (95%)
Overall Difficulty
Medium (27%)
5 Stars
Vesna Tomicevic - Sacramento, CA
Quality: Excellent
Difficulty: Medium

Very nice box and sticks, game from my youth that I liked and wanted my youngsters to have. I like and and would recommend it.

5 Stars
Terri Green - Independence, MO
Quality: Excellent
Difficulty: Medium

We all played pick up sticks as kids, and I was happy to find these. Though our were usually plastic, these wooden ones give a nice grownup touch to a generally childhood game. And until I read the insert, I never knew there even were rules to the game! The wooden storage box is really nice, too.

5 Stars
Lisa Quinn - Midland, MI
Quality: Good
Difficulty: Easy

Pick up sticks are a great retro game. Makes me think of my childhood. Love the wooden box but the sticks themselves seemed more fragile than the set I remember having as a kid. These make a great game in patience and dexterity just wish the sticks were more sturdy.

5 Stars
Billie Hinson - Logan, NM
Quality: Excellent

I bought these for my granddaughters because they have never heard of this game. I think they will enjoy this

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