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Cash Stash By Project Genius
$12.99 $10.13 (22% Off)
Puzzle Pod Mini By 4 Thought Products
$17.99 $14.03 (22% Off)
Bilz Mini Green Gift Card Holder By Bilz
$11.99 $9.35 (22% Off)
Bilz-E-Lope By Bilz
$12.99 $10.13 (22% Off)
Magic Box - Sized for Gift Card By Creative Crafthouse
$20.99 $16.37 (22% Off)
Pueblo Secret Lock Puzzle Box By Creative Crafthouse
$39.99 $31.19 (22% Off)
Puzzle Pod Junior By 4 Thought Products
$17.99 $14.03 (22% Off)
Cash Out By Creative Crafthouse
$22.99 $17.93 (22% Off)
Secret Box Brain Teaser By EscapeWelt Partnership
$27.99 $21.83 (22% Off)
Penny Packer 16 By Creative Crafthouse
$14.99 $11.69 (22% Off)
Quest Pyramid Brain Teaser By EscapeWelt Partnership
$46.99 $36.65 (22% Off)
Tin Woodman's Heart Brain Teaser By iDventure
$20.99 $16.37 (22% Off)

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Brain Teaser puzzles are not only great to keep you or someone busy for hours but they can also make great gift holders to give a loved one a present for special occasions. Stop giving a gift card or cash inside of a card, instead have the person work for their gift. Puzzled about what to put inside the maze? Add extra value with a Puzzle Warehouse gift certificate - a great way to give money as gifts for the puzzle lover in your life.

Shopping on a budget for birthdays and holidays just got easier with Puzzle Warehouse sale items. To make room for hundreds of new arrivals from top-sellers, we discount hundreds of puzzles up to 50% for you to find your next masterpiece. We promise that you'll find the next jigsaw puzzle for your collection with this selection.

Puzzle Warehouse is here to give you the best experience and to help create memories that will last a lifetime!

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