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Artist profile: Lori Schory

[caption id="attachment_670" align="alignright" width="300"] Swan Lake by Lori Schory[/caption] One of our biggest and most popular collections from a particular artist are puzzles with images from Lori Schory. Her love of nature and collage-style artwork makes for a great puzzling experience, and these puzzles just fly off the shelf! She also have five brand new images you should be sure to check out below! Lori was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1956, to parents who were also artists and studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Between a father who was an industrial designer, and a mother who was more of a portraitist, Lori was exposed to a diverse spectrum in the art world. It was clear at an early early age that she would pursue an art-related carrier. In 1981, she received her Master's degree in Drawing and Painting, with honors, from Northern Illinois University. Lori has mastered the ancient craft of hand-painted signs, lettering on glass, and mural painting. She traveled the southern states doing murals for Carlson Restaurants Worldwide. Sometimes these commercial influences can even be seen in her fine art. She has a keen sense of composition, color and design. Her artwork has been licensed for puzzles from SunsOut, White Mountain, Ravensburger and Elms, as well as a variety of journal covers, photo albums, screen savers and more. Lori's art is distinctive and eye-catching with its vivid colors and thematic elements. She posts this beautiful quote on her website, which she says she does every day through her artwork: “There’ll come a time in life When there is nothing left to do But go your own way A time to follow your dreams A time to finally stand up for your own beliefs. Some things will always be stronger Than time and distance Deeper than language and ways Like following your dreams And learning to be yourself Sharing with others The magic you have found." Check out the new puzzles from SunsOut, now available on our website.

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