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We all love puzzling, that’s a given, that’s why we’re here. However, us “common folk” aren’t the only ones who enjoy kicking back with a few hundred pieces of our finest artworks and finding peace in the pieces. Celebrities and notable figures around the world have often shared with us a sneak peek into their puzzling set up, or favorite images to tackle. CONTINUE READING

Happy New Year Folks!!! Holiday season may be over for the non-puzzling crowd, but for us dissectologists (that’s a fancy way to say lover of jigsaw puzzles), it’s just begun. January is National Puzzle Month, and January 29th is National Puzzle Day! I put my dancing shoes away, pulled out the cozy socks, and got puzzling to start the celebration off. I also reached out to folks over on Instagram to ask them what their favorite parts of puzzling are, and got a great variety of responses. CONTINUE READING

Trefl has launched a line of wooden puzzles in 2022, and lots of the designs are available at Puzzle Warehouse! I’ve snatched up the cutest one, Colorful Puppy, with art by Dean Russo. This one, along with the majority of the line, are 500+1 piece, but there are a few 1000 designs as well. The packaging was a good sturdy cardboard box, nice and thick, and a pleasing square shape. The front features a full color image of the puzzle, and a sneak peek at some of the whimsy shapes included. CONTINUE READING

You know how an earworm will get in your head, and just make you go mad with the repeating melody or lyrics? Sometimes you don’t even realize it is happening until you find yourself in the middle of a task that is loosely related and it dawns on you. Well, for me it was a certain blonde lady who’s song, Bejeweled, was swiftly burrowed into my brain. CONTINUE READING

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It’s spooky season!!! I love all things creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky... Wait, I think I’ve heard something like that before... Creature Feature was my first Hart Puzzle, and there was a lot of love to go around. Hart Puzzles mission statement, which is proudly displayed prominently on both the front/top and the back/bottoms of their boxes... CONTINUE READING

Over on Instagram, there is an annual puzzle-along called #puzzlelikeits1999 which is a challenge to ONLY 2000 piece puzzles for a month. Founded by Heather of @heatherpuzzles, the specific month it’s held has changed over the past few years, but this year, it was September! Some people speed their way through and complete colossal quantities (7-10) and others take their time to savor only one in the month. Both numbers, or anywhere in between, is wonderful and impressive, because...2000 pieces in one puzzle is a LOT. 

Ready to go on a journey with me through the rabbit hole and get a smidgen analytical to compare (5) different 500 piece puzzles? No? I’ll wait.... Ready now? OK, let’s go! I’ve done the easy part of putting together the puzzles, and I have measured several key factors across all five. I will also provide my overall enjoyment and opinion on each completed puzzle. You can do the same on your side, and then we can compare notes after. (It’s not cheating if the pop quiz already happened.)   CONTINUE READING 

Puzzles are good for you. We’ve all heard that, but WHY are puzzles good for you? What makes them more than just a run-of-the-mill hobby or a way to pass the time? The secret is our friends dopamine and serotonin! So what exactly are dopamine and serotonin? Both are neurotransmitters, communicating messages between your brain and nerve centers throughout your body, and they can both act as hormones. CONTINUE READING

Founded in 2020, as a way to brighten up the Instagram feed in a dark time, while also opening a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It started off with a goal of completing all of the Cobble Hill/Shelley Davies Rainbow Project within the month of June, aka Pride Month, and allow for people all over the world to puzzle together while being so isolated. CONTINUE READING

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