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This isn’t your average artist review, this is a love song to one the most wonderful and prolific puzzle artists out there, Aimee Stewart. You can find ample factoids and data points about Aimee in plenty of other interviews and reviews, including here on Puzzle Warehouse Jigsaw Junkies Blog, or on her own website, https://aimeestewart.com. This here isn’t that, but is the more emotional side, bringing all the joy, love, and inspiration to the surface. CONTINUE READING

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s March, and in many parts of the country, that means it’s not quite warm enough to be out all the time, which can bring upon uhhh...madness. It is a good time to get away from those brackets and get out to see a movie, or still cold enough to cuddle up and stream one on the couch. Everyone has a favorite movie, or a brand/genre. Are you Team Superhero? Or on Team Princess? Maybe you’re into the classics like The Wizard Of Oz, or Alice In Wonderland. Whatever makes your corn pop, there is likely a puzzle out there for it. CONTINUE READING

Pickup that paint brush, knitting needle, or piece of paper - We’re getting Crafty!!!

March is National Craft month, a celebration of all things creative, from the first spark of inspiration or the final draft. Splatter, cut, splice, and piece your way to an artful existence. The greatest part about crafting is, you do not need to be a professional artist, you can be professional you. Have fun reinventing that picture frame, or making a scarf that started as a sweater, whatever way the wind blows the breeze through your trees. CONTINUE READING

Today I’m bringing you a super bright and fun puzzle from Colorcraft Puzzles. I’ve done a couple Colorcraft in the past, but they’ve released a bazillion new puzzles this year, with amazing designs, new packaging, and even better piece feel than before. Coming in at 1000 pieces, Crispy Frosted Goodness is a stunner! The background gives 90’s afternoons at The Max vibes, with all the sprinkles, frosting, chocolate, and candies you could possibly want on the wafer cookies of the main design.  CONTINUE READING 


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