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Chronology - The Game of All Time

Chronology The Game of All Time by Buffalo games.

Build your own timeline of cards to create a historic timeline that may determine your win through how much you know about history. 

On your turn, someone will read to you a historical event from a card. You decide where that event falls in your timeline.

If you're right, you keep the card, and your timeline grows. First player to 10 cards wins. 

More than 858 events on 429 cards come in this card box with a rule sheet that will set you up for fame or disaster.

Players 2 to 8 have 30 minutes to establish a timeline 

Great educational game by Buffalo Games. Released 2012.

Every Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle is manufactured in the U.S.A. from recycled puzzle board. 

A precision cutting technique guarantees that every piece will fit soundly with the company's signature Perfect Snap™. 

Game box covers may vary but the content of the game remains the same.

Chronology - The Game of All Time

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Made in USA

About Buffalo Games Chronology - The Game of All Time

Mfg. Part Number 159
UPC Number 079346001590
Release Year 2012
Game Type Educational, Party Games, Trivia
Maximum Players 8
Minimum Players 2
Recommended Age 14 and up
Item Number 61188
Availability Online Only

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Quality
Excellent (100%)
Overall Value
Excellent (95%)
Overall Difficulty
Hard (33%)
5 Stars
Anel Khassiyetova - Charleston, SC
Quality: Excellent
Value: Excellent
Difficulty: Medium

Super fun and educational.

5 Stars
Jennifer Maclean - Pasadena, CA
Quality: Excellent
Value: Excellent
Difficulty: Easy

This is the best type of game. It takes 2 minutes to learn and it can be played - and enjoyed - by all ages and you can be done in 20 minutes. I have played this game with a 10 year-old and a 14 year-old and they both enjoy it. While it helps to know a bit about history, it’s more forgiving than you would imagine. Since you seldom have to know the exact year, it’s more about ballparking everything. We all learn a little bit and there’s always some laughter about when we think things happened versus when they really did. This is a great game for this stay-at-home time. Because it’s so easy to learn and doesn’t require intense focus, it’s a good way to break up rounds of Zoom calls and Netflix.

5 Stars
Sharon Rhinehart - Saint Charles, MO
Quality: Excellent
Value: Good

I bought this as a Christmas present for my grandson. It looks like it will be fun.

5 Stars
Barbara Googe - Prescott, AZ
Quality: Excellent
Value: Excellent
Difficulty: Hard
Would Recommend: Yes

We've had an original Chronology game ever since it first came out and loved playing it. We thought it would be more fun to have an updated version, so we bought the 20 yr. Anniversary model a couple of weeks ago and played it the last two evenings. I do have one question. The ruling on how you handle having a duplicate date in front of you on the table and on the one in your hand. Could you please explain it clearer than the ruling in the instructions. Thank you, Barbara

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