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3 Puzzle Gift Set Large (Snake, Soma, Soccer)

This 3 puzzle gift set includes the Large Snake, Medium Soma and Large Soccer Ball puzzles. 

Case measures: 10.25" x 4.5" x 3.6"
Difficulty levels: 2 and 3 (out of 6)
Recommended for ages 8+

Set includes:

Snake: The 4x4x4 King Snake has 64 blocks. The degree of difficulty climbs through the roof! Impressive if you can solve this in under 3 hours without the instructions. This King pattern is difficult with only two solutions and the cube colors give very little hints to the correct solution path.

Soma cube: So versatile and interesting with appeal from ages 4 to 104. Develops the spatial part of the brain in a very entertaining way. The 7 pcs will make a cube 240 different ways and they will also make many other shapes, with each shape requiring all the pieces.

Soccer ball: Can you get the 6-piece ball apart and then put it back together? This puzzle has a relatively low degree of difficulty and is excellent for ages 7-10, but will challenge anyone who has never seen is for a while.

3 Puzzle Gift Set Large (Snake, Soma, Soccer)

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About Creative Crafthouse 3 Puzzle Gift Set Large (Snake, Soma, Soccer)

Mfg. Part Number 3 Puzzle set - size large
Brainteaser Type Assembly & Disentanglement, Wooden
Item Number 47205
Store Location(s) G3A

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5 Stars
Susanna - Stafford, TX

love the soma cube. also enjoy snake after cheating and peeking at the solution! soccer ball I STILL can't do even after peeking (but haven't messed with it much) I ended up ordering another soma cube to keep at work for breaks. it's not super easy but as the guy says in the demo vid -even a 5 yr old can solve IF he doesn't give up..it's taken me minutes sometimes and hours/days other times(working during breaks) and I don't do it often enough to memorize so it stays fun and challenging! the snake is a bit stiff at first so to me that made it harder - even with the solution. My recommendation would be to buy a large soma cube and medium snake or the premium though this would make a nice gift for someone who loves puzzles - the box is nice.

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