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Hello out there to all my puzzle friends!  Today's blog entry is going to be about adding some diversity to our puzzle collections. I never really used to look at my puzzle collection with a critical eye. I didn't even give it a second thought until a Black puzzler friend told me that she doesn't do puzzles with people in it because none of them look like her.  I was gobsmacked.  I spent the day looking at my puzzles and saw the hard truth that I never noticed.  CONTINUE READING

Hello, Puzzle Fam!  After a week of sunny (but cold) weather here in the PNW, the rains have returned. That’s fine with me, because rainy days equal puzzle days for me.  Well, let’s be honest, any day is a puzzle day in my book, but I don’t feel as guilty spending the whole day puzzling on a rainy day. I will literally spend the entire day at my puzzle table, with a good movie or series on the TV. It can’t be anything too gripping though, or I’ll forget about my puzzle! CONTINUE READING

Happy New Year, Puzzle Fam!  Yes, I know that we’re about 4 weeks in, but in case you didn’t notice, it’s my first blog post of 2022! To celebrate that fact, I thought that I would spend this article writing about some of the puzzle brands that are new to Puzzle Warehouse.  I’m really excited about this, because they added some really amazing brands last year. Luckily, I’ve tried most of them, so I actually have an educated opinion. I’m not going to say that I deserve a PhD in Dissectology, but Harvard has yet to return my e-mails and I’m starting to think that they’re not taking me seriously. CONTINUE READING 

Hello out there in puzzle land!  It's been a hot minute since my last puzzle musing, but I'm back and ready to talk dissectology!  On the board today is a new to me brand, Workman Publishing.  This company was founded in 1968 and is now the largest trade book publisher in the US!  Thankfully for us, they don't just publish books, Workman puts out a pretty fantastic puzzle as well.  Today's puzzle is called "The Illustrated Herbiary: California Poppy". CONTINUE READING 

The weather here in the PNW has definitely taken a turn for the fall lately. The gray days are outnumbering the sunny, the rainy days have definitely increased and the wind has gotten decidedly blustery. While I'm a huge fan of gray, blustery days (scarves, hot toddys and soups are my jam), the gray mixed... CONTINUE READING 

September is always a bittersweet time of the year. On the one hand, I'm sad that summer is going to be over. By this time, we have usually had our last camping trip of the year and temperature starts to get colder. You can start to smell the rain in the air and the leaves... CONTINUE READING 

Lately, when I been deciding what puzzles to write about for this blog, I find myself choosing new brands or at least puzzle styles that I haven't done before. Today, that brand is Trefl, and more specifically, their crazy shapes collection. Trefl is a toy company based in Poland that was started in 1985. It... CONTINUE READING

Hello Puzzle People! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I had a blast and spent the day with good friends, good food and amazing pyrotechnics. I took the next day off for a little self care and much hydration and debated what puzzle I would do for this blog. The answer came... CONTINUE READING

My very first post for Jigsaw Junkies happened to be a piece on a shaped puzzle by Galison (aka Chronicle Books) Today I am revisiting Galison's shaped puzzles with the lovely Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand. I think I got this puzzle last March. I had tried to buy it so many times, but with the... CONTINUE READING


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