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Recently I managed to find my “unicorn” puzzle. It’s an out of production puzzle made by Ceaco and depicts a chocolate Labrador swimming in water. The puzzle features the artwork of Mark Fredrickson. Fredrickson is well known in the art world for his various illustrations and fine art, but my favourite pieces of his art feature his amazing ability to capture the spirit of dogs. CONTINUE READING

We all have our favourite puzzle styles. Personally, I tend to love whimsical art styles, pretty colours and fun cartoon style images. I’ve done a lot of browsing of the Puzzle Warehouse range over the last few months and there was one particular puzzle that kept catching my eye, even though it didn’t fall into the usual categories of what I look for in a puzzle. CONTINUE READING

Busy puzzles.  With many puzzlers, they either evoke terror and are avoided at all costs or they are a challenge accepted with gusto.  I fall into the latter category.  One of the first 1000 piece puzzles I ever did was the extended cast of the TV show “The Simpsons”.  It was almost completely yellow.  I realized very quickly it was very difficult to sort and it taught me to look at small details to work out where pieces needed to be placed.  I loved every second of it and to this day still remains one of my favourite puzzles. CONTINUE READING 

In the last few months I’ve felt myself shift away from being a new puzzler to a more experienced puzzler.  I don’t think there’s a timeline as such for when this happens, but I feel like I can confidently choose my puzzles with regards to the experience I want to have.  If you happen to follow me on Instagram though, you’ll know for a fact I still slip up on a semi regular basis and the “relaxing and easy” puzzle often turns into a big joke, because the easiest part is opening the box. CONTINUE READING

If you’re like me, when someone says “jigsaw puzzle”, the first image that comes to mind is the standard, rectangular or square puzzle with traditional shaped pieces.  The innovations we see now within the puzzle community is incredible.  We have stainless steel puzzles, PVC puzzles and puzzles that can stick on windows just to name a few.  3D puzzles have been available for some time but for me are not generally a style I consider when I’m puzzle shopping. CONTINUE READING 

Cobble Hill. If you say that to just about any puzzler, you’ll undoubtedly hear them exclaim: “I love Cobble Hill puzzles!”. Known for their beautiful images and random cut pieces, Cobble Hill is a popular brand in the puzzle community. Here in Australia, I tend to shop for puzzles in physical stores and for that very reason, it can take me quite a while to acquire many of the more common international brands. I have a wishlist a mile long of puzzle brands I want to try (I mean, don’t we all?). For the longest time, Cobble Hill has been sitting right at the top of that list. CONTINUE READING 


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