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There are some new puzzles on the Schmidt website. A few of these are already on puzzle-offensive.de so they were released late 2015. Others are not yet released. Here's a link to their website so you can see them all. The ones I show below are those that particuarly interest me. Unfortunately, the artists' names... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Springbok (US), published 2015 Title:  “Santa's World Hallmark Keepsake”, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 8.5/10 Box Quality: The Springbok box is quick thick and sturdy and square in shape.     Inside: Inside the box is a bag with the puzzle pieces (in excellent condition, no damage, puzzle dust, or unseparated pieces), a small warranty card and... CONTINUE READING

There's a new Rob Derks "Pieces of History" is due out shortly, "The Pirates", 1000 pieces from Jumbo There's also a new Jan Van Haasteren called "Christmas Eve" available in 1000 or 2000 pieces due in January... CONTINUE READING

 The Ravensburger 2016 catalog is online. I haven't been able to get a high-res enough version to clip the individual puzzle photos, but you can get a good idea of the new puzzles. There's a new Colin Thompson, 2 new Aimee Stewart, 2 new Best of British, a new What If? and other fun... CONTINUE READING

Thanks Karen, for emailing me to let me know the new 2016 Gibsons puzzles are showing up on online retailers. They're not on the Gibsons website yet, so this is the first look. Lots of good British puzzles from familiar artists.  My favorites are below. "The Country Bus" by Trevor Mitchell -- set of four... CONTINUE READING

I just happened to run across photos of the 2016 Heye puzzles on Facebook. Are 2016 puzzles here already! I'm not going to complain. There are some nice new puzzles. According to Facebook these will be available from the end of November, presumably in Germany first... CONTINUE READING

Rob Derks's new puzzle, Pieces of History "The Romans" is now available! This looks amazing, and I can't wait to see what Rob does next in this series.  You can read our interview with Rob... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Falcon (Netherlands/UK), published 2014 Title:  “Halloween” by artist Tony Ryan, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 8.5 For Halloween this year, I did the "Halloween" puzzle by Tony Ryan that came out last year. I love Halloween puzzles in general, and I'm always happy to find a new one to add to my stash since there aren't... CONTINUE READING

The 2015 WHSmith limited edition christmas puzzle is on their website here.  It's difficult to get a good picture of it from their site, but below is a small image. The puzzle is called "A Christmas Market Town" by Victor McLindon and it has lots of gold foil. Springbok has also announced their Hallmark Keepsake... CONTINUE READING

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