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What is 'temporary mounting'? It's mounting a puzzle in such a way that you can display it or just keep it assembled for your edification, but you can also undo it all and still have the puzzle to work sometime down the road if you choose. It should be obvious by now that I do... CONTINUE READING

White Mountain announced 4 new collage puzzles yesterday. "Art Supplies", 1000 pieces "Roadside Attractions", 1000 pieces "Things I Ate As A Kid", 1000 pieces "Chapped Lips", 1000 pieces See anything you like? I rather like the art supplies one... CONTINUE READING

Springbok has put up their new January puzzles. If you're a fan of photographed collages, you'll be pleased. If not, there's not much for you in the new set. You can see the entire line-up here.  I've pulled what I think are the best of the lot. Cake Pops, 1000 pieces Colorful Caps, 1000 pieces Vacation... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Heye (Germany), published 2001 Title:  “Spaghetti Della Mama”, Artist: Marino Degano, 1500 pieces OUR RATING: 9/10   Another Heye tackled. Lots of fun! Box Quality: I'm a fan of the Heye triangular boxes. If you have a number of Heye puzzles, they store easily and attractively by placing them "end out" on a shelf, using... CONTINUE READING

The Schmidt puzzle site isn't featuring these puzzles yet, but you can find them if you sort by 'newest'. Here are at least some of the brand new images for 2015. Trust Schmidt to give us some excellent new fantasy puzzles! I don't know when these puzzles will be available, but I'll post when I... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Sunsout (USA), 2007, 1000 pieces Title:  “Japanese Garden”, Artist: T.C. Chiu OUR RATING: 10/10 This has long been the top-rated Sunsout puzzle. I finally got around to putting it together and now I see why! Box Quality: The Sunsout boxes are not my favorite feature of the brand. They're overly large, larger than pretty much any... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo Games has just released three new 1000 piece puzzles and two new 300 piece puzzles, all from Kim Norlien. These are lovely images if you like painterly scenic. Great colors! You can find them here... CONTINUE READING

Sunsout has new 2015 puzzles up on their website. You can see them all here.  I've picked out a few I like. "New England Road Trip", 1000 pieces, artist Mary Thompson I like the combination of the map texture and the various vignettes in this image. Looks fun to assemble. "A Village Summer", 1000 pieces, artist Steve Crisp... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Piatnik (Austria), 2011, 1000 pieces Title:  “Salamanders”, Artist: Ogdemli/Feldmann Design/Rosenthal Represents OUR RATING: 9/10.    Assembly time: 8.5 hours I've done several Piatnik puzzles in the past, but always the cartoon ones. "Salamanders" is a puzzle I've been wanting to work for some time. I put the brand comparison for Piatnik up here, but this is the... CONTINUE READING

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