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I enjoy working on puzzles of neighbourhoods, with details of different coloured houses with lovely yards and assorted people, animals and plants. I love searching out pieces and finding where they fit in the overall picture. I just finished this beautiful 1000-piece puzzle from the Hometown Gallery series, Bungalowville. CONTINUE READING

I think I've found a great puzzle to distract us from these hot summer days. It's called Stained Glass Butterfly by SunsOut. The artwork is by Dean Russo, a mixed media artist. You have probably seen some of his art before, he makes a lot of wonderfully beautiful pieces with pets as the subjects. This is a shaped 1000 piece puzzle. The brightly colored pieces are mostly ribbon cut (the shapes you find in most puzzles), but the edge pieces are unique shapes. CONTINUE READING 

I just finished Afternoon in Paris, a 1000 piece panorama puzzle from MasterPieces, made from recycled material. I don’t usually choose puzzles with a soft water color look, but this one had such interesting detail and scope I couldn’t resist. It came in a sturdy panorama-shaped box. When I shook the pieces in my colander there was almost no puzzle dust. CONTINUE READING

Ready to go on a journey with me through the rabbit hole and get a smidgen analytical to compare (5) different 500 piece puzzles? No? I’ll wait.... Ready now? OK, let’s go! I’ve done the easy part of putting together the puzzles, and I have measured several key factors across all five. I will also provide my overall enjoyment and opinion on each completed puzzle. You can do the same on your side, and then we can compare notes after. (It’s not cheating if the pop quiz already happened.)   CONTINUE READING 

I have news for you. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side! I know what you’re thinking. You like the way you puzzle. It’s comfortable. It works for you. But what if I told you that trying something different could rock your puzzle world?! Would you try it?! Yeah … I felt a little shy about it too. It was a revelation to me that there are different ways to puzzle. My usual way: dump the pieces on the table, turn them over, collect all the pink pieces, and get started! CONTINUE READING

For as long as I’m allowed to write blogs for Puzzle Warehouse, I’ll be featuring a mermaid puzzle every July. Mermaids are definitely one of my favorite subjects to puzzle, which has to stem from my love of The Little Mermaid. I was four when it came out, so I was at the PERFECT susceptible age for that amazing gem of a Disney movie. Of course, I spent the remainder of my childhood, and if we’re being honest, all of my adulthood, wishing fervently that mermaids were real, and I could somehow reverse the movie and be a human that became a mermaid! If I became a mermaid, would I then be known as an MD instead of a DVM? Hmmm. The musings of a mermaid wannabe! CONTINUE READING

This month, I decided to try a brand I haven’t tried yet, Willow Creek Press. I also chose to go with a style of puzzle that I haven’t seen many people do lately, photography! Meet Beach Waves - a 500 piece whose natural gradient immediately piqued my interest. Beach Waves was a lot of fun! I absolutely loved the piece shapes. No two pieces were alike. CONTINUE READING

This month my plan was to write about the ‘Carl Larsson’ 1000-piece puzzle by Cobble Hill. It’s a wonderful collage of the art of the Swedish painter (1853 – 1919). I started this intricate work and then our house welcomed our family returning to Canada from Australia! This included our 2-year-old grandson, who loves to help me puzzle! I had to quickly finish while naps and bedtime happened and then brought out more appropriate alternatives. CONTINUE READING

Recently I managed to find my “unicorn” puzzle. It’s an out of production puzzle made by Ceaco and depicts a chocolate Labrador swimming in water. The puzzle features the artwork of Mark Fredrickson. Fredrickson is well known in the art world for his various illustrations and fine art, but my favourite pieces of his art feature his amazing ability to capture the spirit of dogs. CONTINUE READING

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