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I love all things unique and unusual, especially when it comes to puzzles! If there is something unusual about the puzzle shape, surface, material, or the overall puzzle experience, sign me up! CONTINUE READING

Just like Jigsaw Junkies very own puzzling master and loquacious comedian Gaby, I was raised on science fiction movies growing up. I can’t tell you how many times I got caught tip-toeing downstairs past my bedtime trying to sneak scenes from these action packed, gory, and definitely not kid approved movies. I think out of sheer will power, I wore my dad down and against his better judgment, he gave in one night and let me stay and watch. Did this impact my childhood? 100% YES! By the time I was nine, I was quoting Terminator Two and Aliens, and Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley were just some of my role models. CONTINUE READING

In honor of National Quilting Day tomorrow, I thought I would do some piecework myself – patching together some of the beautiful puzzles I’ve done – and want to do - that feature quilts.  I’ve noticed that a lot of puzzlers out there are avid crafters, but I have a confession to make. I am NOT one of them!  So why am I writing a blog about quilting and why do I have so many puzzles that feature them and other crafts? It’s because I WANT to craft. CONTINUE READING

If you’re like me, when someone says “jigsaw puzzle”, the first image that comes to mind is the standard, rectangular or square puzzle with traditional shaped pieces.  The innovations we see now within the puzzle community is incredible.  We have stainless steel puzzles, PVC puzzles and puzzles that can stick on windows just to name a few.  3D puzzles have been available for some time but for me are not generally a style I consider when I’m puzzle shopping. CONTINUE READING 

I wanted to try something new for my blog post this month. After spending a few days pursuing Puzzle Warehouse's huge selection, I decided to try out a couple of lenticular puzzles. Lenticular puzzles have a very unique effect; when you look at them from different angles, some have a 3D effect and others shift colors. The two I'm going to tell you about are the color shifting type. Depending on what angle you're viewing them from, they'll be a different color. CONTINUE READING

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Hello, Puzzle Fam!  After a week of sunny (but cold) weather here in the PNW, the rains have returned. That’s fine with me, because rainy days equal puzzle days for me.  Well, let’s be honest, any day is a puzzle day in my book, but I don’t feel as guilty spending the whole day puzzling on a rainy day. I will literally spend the entire day at my puzzle table, with a good movie or series on the TV. It can’t be anything too gripping though, or I’ll forget about my puzzle! CONTINUE READING

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When eeBoo’s Astrology puzzle hit the market, it immediately became my favorite image they’ve released so far. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to assemble it that I started to think about why that is and ultimately ask myself the Big Question, “Is puzzling written in the stars?” Okay, bear with me here. I promise I’ll only get a little “woo woo” about this. Doing an astrology-themed puzzle seems like a legitimate time to wonder whether how or why you puzzle is reflective of your zodiac sign’s traits. CONTINUE READING

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Wrebbit3D Puzzles hit a big milestone this year as the company reached its 30th anniversary. In a recent The Toy Book article, the company’s president, Jean Théberge, shared his thoughts on the evolution of 3D puzzles and some exciting hints about what’s coming this year as part of Wrebbit3D’s anniversary celebrations.  (Pssst, all you Harry Potter fans, keep reading!) CONTINUE READING 

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As I’ve said before, I really like collage puzzles. Maybe I’m just lazy, but to focus on 50 plus pieces of a cupcake, tea cup, or stamp rather than all 1000 pieces of the puzzle makes it so much easier. Then when I have enough of those items assembled and can put them together, along with the border, I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. I’m on my way! CONTINUE READING

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