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I gotta say, staying at home for over 2 years has given me a serious case of WANDERLUST! And while we may not be back to ‘life as normal’ just yet, many of us are venturing out a bit, and a lot of us are downright longing for Exotic Travels. Of course our ability to think of places to GO, DO, and SEE often outpaces our ability to actually go, do, and see them. Fortunately, puzzles can fill in the gap. CONTINUE READING

Are you ready to try something new with your puzzling time? I have the perfect thing: 3D Crystal Puzzles from Bepuzzled. These cool looking little puzzles come in a variety of designs and difficulty levels. Most of them can be completed in a short amount of time, so they're perfect for a quick challenge. CONTINUE READING

The most dreaded time of year. Or at least, it was when I was a kid! Coming off of the freedom that summer gives- going back to school was always the worst. However, now that school is squarely in my past, I wonder if it isn't a relief for a lot of people! Moms and dads with school aged children may breathe a sigh of relief- as they get their puzzle time back. CONTINUE READING

If you heard the name “Vermont Christmas Company” and thought, like I originally did, that this puzzle brand was all about Christmas you’d only be partially correct. While VCC has a lot of Christmas and winter-themed puzzles, they are so much than that. Do they have elves, Santa, and ice skating? Yes, of course. But do they also have cats and dogs, fairy tales, and landscapes? Yes, yes, and yes! CONTINUE READING

One of my favourite things about the jigsaw puzzle community is connecting with artists who create the wonderful images we all love piecing together. I especially love when the artists have a presence on social media and they share the creative process behind their past and present artworks. CONTINUE READING

Music is near and dear to my heart. My father was the church music director and music always filled our home. My mother said she’d lay me down for a nap as a child and I never slept – I’d just lay in bed and sing at the top of my lungs. So, doesn’t it figure that a music-themed puzzle would be the one that sucked me into my love affair with puzzles? CONTINUE READING

Hello Puzzle Fam! Today we are going to talk about my all time favorite puzzle brand, Pomegranate Puzzles. I remember my first Pomegranate. The year was 2019 and I had just gotten back into puzzles. I found myself in the possession of Gustave Baumann’s Plum and Peach Bloom. I didn’t really love the image, but I had never put together a Pomegranate and I wanted to try all the brands! CONTINUE READING 

I wanted to talk about a brand that is harder to find in North America, Educa. The origins of Educa Borras date back to 1894 when Borras Plana S.A. was founded. These puzzles are manufactured in Spain. The last puzzle I did from Educa was a 3,000-piece version of the 36,000-piece Wildlife. I also have both the 24,000-piece Life (discontinued) and 42,000-piece Around the World. I am not sure when I will start either of those but I was intrigued. CONTINUE READING

I enjoy working on puzzles of neighbourhoods, with details of different coloured houses with lovely yards and assorted people, animals and plants. I love searching out pieces and finding where they fit in the overall picture. I just finished this beautiful 1000-piece puzzle from the Hometown Gallery series, Bungalowville. CONTINUE READING


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